And so it begins (on Monday)

Now that most of the survey results are in and the calender’s been cleared for the next week or so, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be to begin work on the final diagram of this open project from next week. So I’d like to take this moment to formally invite you all to join me as I attempt to map the different paths we’ve taken to reach content strategy’s lush green fields of hope and potential. That’s the plan, anyway.

Where to find and hear from me

There will be a number of ways to keep up with my progress:


At the risk of alienating regular visitors to this parish with pointless tales of mood swings, broken pencil tips and tea consumption, I’ll be microblogging from the relative safety of a dedicated Tumblr blog.


Follow me @richardjingram, where I’ll be making good use of the wholly unimaginative #csdiagram hashtag to relay tales of woe and whoa.


As soon as I’ve brushed away the last remnants of eraser dust from my sketches and redacted any incriminating evidence from any screengrabs, I’ll be uploading the fruits of my labour to the dedicated Flickr group.


Hear ye, hear ye. From time to time, I’ll update you on my progress in the form of short audio pieces using the utterly charming Audioboo.

How you can get involved

Frankly, this would all be a bit dull without your input. These, my friends, are a few ways for you to missive your thoughts:


Anyone, subject to my approval, can submit their own posts to the Tumblr blog.


Messages of support, helpful pointers, gentle mocking – I welcome them all. Tweet to the world using the #csdiagram hashtag or me directly @richardjingram.


Comment on my sketches and screengrabs or, better still, post your own on the dedicated Flickr group.


Email me at hello {at} I could be a little slow to reply, so be patient.