Diagram: Partners for the content strategist

Like many of the disciplines concerned with designing for the web, content strategy is a rich and colourful conglomerate of overlapping approaches. Can we really square the circle of being a content strategist and not being, in some senses, an information architect, user experience designer, or technical communicator?

This isn’t to say that the content strategist lacks the defining element of their professional purpose. On the contrary, I believe that when every facet, subset, and silo is boiled down all that remains is the single task of understanding how an organisation can be effective with their content – everything else, that’s fuelled and measured by it, I regard as external.

Working out why and how an organisation’s content needs to change cannot be achieved without three key considerations: the status and potential of the content itself, the platform that supports its delivery, and the people involved in its creation. The potentially dizzying amount of skills and responsibilities this requires means the content strategist must seek out all the available knowledge within an organisation, capture it, and use it effectively. Clear communication, a respect for each other’s skills and time, and a shared common goal can help forge the working partnerships that make such changes possible.

Diagram showing ideal project partners for the content strategist

Richard Ingram: Partners for the content strategist Partners for the content strategist (827 KB)

Note: This work is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence. By all means bend, shape, and prod it.

10 thoughts on “Diagram: Partners for the content strategist

  1. Ahava Leibtag

    I gave an hour long presentation on this and you managed to put it together in one diagram. Good for you–LOVE it!e

  2. David Beaudouin


    This is simply brilliant – thank you. I have now downloaded the above DNA into my neural net and will be a better content strategist for it.

  3. Richard Post author

    @Ahava: Seriously, when I consider the depth to this subject, an hour’s presentation isn’t bad going at all. I’ve only provided an elaborate front door.

    @David: I’m humbled by your words. This makes the whole process worthwhile.

  4. russell o'sullivan

    Richard, this another fantastic example and will form yet another piece of my jigsaw that I will present…. superb

  5. Lisa Moore


    How do you do it!? Another stellar info-viz! Your work is playing a key role in defining the content strategy discipline, I hope you know that!

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