A little taste of Paris

For those of us unable to reach Paris last month for the Content Strategy Forum – even though some of us live and work on the east coast of southern England – and rub shoulders with a room full of people who think about web content more than is considered healthy, STC France have kindly published videos of all the presentations in the plenary hall, including the keynotes by Kristina Halvorson (below) and Rahel Bailie.

If you add to those the collection of presentation slides on Slideshare, the Flickr group pool, and a video of Jonathan Kahn’s presentation there’s a lot of great stuff to get through.

So make yourself comfortable, grab a notebook and pen, and pour yourself a glass or two of wine (preferably French). It’s just like being there, except you cannot answer Kristina when she asks if you’re in the room – no frantic ‘I’m lost at sea’ waving makes a difference. I didn’t try this at all.

A slide note (sorry)

To answer Kristina’s question about the American version of Snakes and Ladders I am led to believe (by such sources as Wikipedia and Google image search no less) that it’s better known over there as ‘Chutes and Ladders’.

Now, I don’t know about you, but while I’d much rather entertain the prospect of sliding down a chute rather than a oversized hissing garden hose, they don’t really have an instantly recognisable silhouette do they? You need only grab a pen and draw a thick wiggly line and fork tongue (important) and you’re pretty much there.