They’ll thank you later

Content encompasses every living, breathing thing you’ll find on the web. If it moves, talks, or reads: it’s content. Clearly important then.

So why, when it comes to the organisation, creation, and administration of content, can it feel as though the pillars of the web project team are working independently of one another?

Get involved. Position yourself in the centre of it all and harness the collective expertise of your team to help create useful, usable, and enjoyable content. Go clear that fog of war.

Collaboration with Content Strategist

8 thoughts on “They’ll thank you later

  1. Chris Moritz

    You might want to add in some concept map language that makes it clear that the Content Strategist works with these other roles on these deliverables. Don’t want people to think that we don’t produce anything! ;)

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  3. Richard Post author

    What can I say? We’re social beasts by nature :)

    I take your point though. A larger scale version would have to incorporate many more of our roles and responsibilities within the team.

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  6. Blair Goldberg

    I have to agree with Chris, this doesn’t really add any clarity as to the role of a content strategist. It comes off as self aggrandizing. I’m reminded of a line from Office Space

    “I’m important dammit! I have people skills!”

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