Tools for a Revolution

I’d like to bring to your attention an article I’ve written for Issue #3 of Contents Magazine, which tells part of an ongoing story of how millions of people across the world whose multiple grievances are not being heard by their respective leaders are using the tools they’ve grown up with to organise mass peaceful protests and to capture events–no matter how appalling–in real-time.

From “Tools for a Revolution”:

Even at their most rough, angular, and controversial, online communication technology, tools, and platforms have shown the potential to shift the balance of power to a nation’s people. And we, the people who will shape the intelligent content and communication platforms of tomorrow, can play an important role in safeguarding this power.

Marking something of a departure from my usual fare, this was as exhilarating to write as it was humbling. I am hugely indebted to team Trunksy for helping me buff this to a fine shine.