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After having to disappoint literally ten people who asked if I had any plans to sell prints of my diagrams, I’ve finally bowed to the pressure.

One of the primary reasons for my long-standing reluctance was the thought of organising the printing, handling and distribution of the prints myself. Reaching a point where I’d be on first name terms with all the Post Office cashiers as I negotiated weekly shipments (arrogance?) of thundersticks to far flung lands didn’t exactly fill me with much enthusiasm.

So when I stumbled upon those fine folks at Society6 and realised I could get away with placing any would-be customer in their capable hands, I finally got excited by the whole idea. You see, when you or I buy a product from Society6’s stable of ridiculously talented artists from around the world, they handle the production, packaging and shipping on the artist’s behalf. I know. I’ve rubbed my eyes a few times now and it still reads the same.

Society6 Stretched Canvas – a day in the life from Justin Wills on Vimeo.

What’s on the end of your stick, Vic?

What indeed? So far there are three diagrams available to order from my Society6 studio: Partners for the content strategist, Get a firm grip of your web content … and Web content in perpetual motion. I’ve put together this handy table detailing the size and price (in US Dollars) for each diagram print.

Size and price for each diagram print
Diagram Mini Small Medium Large X-Large
in US$ in US$ in US$ in US$ in US$
Partners for the content strategist 10×8 19 17×13 25 22×17 35 28×22 40 37×28 60
Get a firm grip of your web content ... 8×9 19 13×15 25 17×19 35 22×25 40 28×32 60
Web content in perpetual motion 10×8 19 17×13 25 22×17 35 28×22 40 37×28 60

These diagrams are also available for a little extra as stretched canvases if that’s what tickles your fancy. However, baring an absurd and unlikely deluge of requests, I will not be offering T-shirts, hooded tops, iPhone cases or any other fruity device skins emblazoned with my diagrams. The mere thought of someone going about their business with a Venn diagram of how to approach a web project from a content perspective etched across their chest – expertly, I might add – would be enough to make me consider a drastic change of career. I have standards. You may not.

Crikey! Those prices have made my eyes water …

I could attempt to make you feel weak in the knees by revealing that your prints will be produced on fancy paper using fancy ink and topped off with a light sprinkling of fairy dust. But, essentially, what you’re really paying for is the privilege of not having me involved at any stage. Bargain.

That said, there may be a few non-US residents lamenting my choice of handler. I can sympathise. I mean, it’d probably be quicker for UK residents to visit my potting shed one afternoon and coax me into drawing one for them. We could even find time to shoehorn in a pathetic pseudo sword fight using various garden implements. En Garde!

And have I truly considered those of you lucky enough to possess or know someone with a printer the size of a Datsun Cherry? What about those of you with a burning desire to run off a few hundred copies of a diagram on your office network printer in a bizarre multi-departmental fly poster campaign?

To you I say this: consider downloading these hulking great versions of the diagrams instead. I won’t mind a bit.

Partners for the content strategist (2.9 MB)

Get a firm grip of your web content … (1.5 MB)

Web content in perpetual motion (2.9 MB)

At least you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be funding my questionable taste in knitwear.